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Sassy's New Home

Hi, My name is Sassy.

I'm originally from the state of Kentucky but some how managed to find me way to Minnesota.

On April 29, 2007, I was adopted from a rescue group called Homeward Bound.
My new Mom thought that this was funny since my name is Sassy and all.
Go figure. I have since made myself quite comfortable here and even have my own bed.

Mom is in school these days and is going to be a Veterinary Technician.
She translates this as an animal nurse. Much to my surprise,
she immediately starting practicing on me. Geez! What have I gotten myself into?
Anyway, she takes me for many walks each day and plays fetch too.
Still, in an intense game of tug o' war, I win hands down!!!

In February 2008 my Aunt Nancy adopted a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
she named Hoban. Aunt Nance said he was seized from a puppy mill.
What's a puppy mill? Can't have been good 'cuz Hoban
is really jumpy.
Two weeks after he was adopted he defected to my Mom.
Again, not sure what they mean.

In March Mommy got a puppy for Aunt Nance, her names Rorie.
Mom calls her shark or pirrahna.
I think its 'Cuz she bites alot.
She's fun to play with even if Mom tells me gentle.
Rorie doesn't know what that means.

Mommy finished school in May 2009 and passed the VTNE's in June.
She's now a Certified Vet. Tech without a job.

More later...

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